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59 1st (Unitary, County, Metropolitan) & 2nd (District, Borough, City) tier Councils have declared a ‘Climate Emergency’. 42 of these have set a target date by 2030, 12 haven’t yet set a date, and 4 are aiming for 2050.

The full list is here

For a Council to have been considered to have called a ‘Climate Emergency’, they must have used these words in a motion or Executive decision, and also have set a target date, or be considering setting one consistent with the IPCC Report of October 2018.. They must also have set up a working group, to report within a short timescale (ideally 6 months) that engages a cross section of the community. We’re seeing Citizen’s Assembly (Lancaster) being set up as part of the process.

A Climate Emergency declaration issued by a body in authority, such as a government or local council, can be a powerful catalyst for community-wide action if paired with a clear action plan.

People expect an emergency announcement when there is a life-threatening situation, and will hesitate to take any action themselves if nobody else appears to be taking the threat seriously. Think of a fire alarm. People might initially think it is just a drill, and will ignore it if everyone else does. But as soon as someone who is considered to be a leader says the fire is indeed real and points out the safest exit to use, everyone will drop what they are doing and evacuate. Read More

Read our Campaign Guide to get your Council to declare a ‘Climate Emergency’. See if there is a petition to sign for your Council here. You can find details of your local Councillor here to ask them for their support. If you haven’t already switched, you can take your money out of fossil fuels by choosing a supplier that offers 100% renewable energy (and you will probably save money too). There are lots of individual actions you can take, such as eating less meat & dairy and travelling by public transport – see this article from the BBC for some ideas.

Climate Emergency Declarations with a target date by 2030

London Borough of Haringey

Following speeches from our Environment Club & @TWGFoE Haringey Council declared a climate change emergency and committed to take action to reduce carbon emissions #Youth4Climate 🌎 pic.twitter.com/ilnM9Ns6vj— Woodside High School (@WoodsideHigh) March 19,...


👏✊@plymouthcc just voted UNANIMOUSLY to declare #climateemergency! ’Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can #Changetheworld...’ @ClimateEmergUK let’s get going.... pic.twitter.com/lS3sht4XZl — Plym Energy Com (@plymenergycom) March 18,...

Bath & North East Somerset

Watch @bathnes council pass their climate emergency motion incl opposition to expansion of Bristol Airport. Fantastic cross-party support & commitment https://t.co/U9UvvCtZJs (vote at 3.06:15). We look forward to working with them on meaningful programme of...


Bedford Independent: Bedford Borough declares a 'Climate Emergency' Saving energy and cutting our carbon emissions has always been a clear priority for us, and as we join those declaring a 'Climate Emergency' we want to go even further in reducing our impact on the...


Herefordshire is a Conservative controlled Unitary Authority. Council declares climate emergency in Hereford! #XrHereford #ExtinctionRebellion pic.twitter.com/CiFiTkYr6i — David England (@tulse57) March 8, 2019 Hereford Times: Students ensure Council recognise climate...


Rushcliffe Borough Council is Conservative Controlled. Thank you to all @Rushcliffe councillors for unanimously supporting the #ClimateEmergency motion proposed by Cllr @Sue_Mallender & seconded by @CllrRMallender ! Thanks to @XrNottingham and @ngp and @RuddGreens...


The Climate Emergency Motion (below) was passed last night by Carlisle City Council, but the Conservatives abstained, saying that they weren't going to vote for a motion that was "undeliverable and uncosted". The Council Labour leader Colin Glover said to "it's...

London Borough of Lewisham

Posted by Joanna Graham: "We did it! Tonight Lewisham Council became the second London borough to declare a climate emergency and will now set about reorganizing its work and priorities to deliver a carbon neutral borough by 2030. Thank you Lewisham Council for...


Reading Borough Council passed the following motion unanimously last night: Councillor Page (Labour, deputy Leader of Council) moved: Reading Borough Council (RBC) believes the world is now clearly in the midst of a climate emergency and that more concerted and urgent...

Wiltshire Council

Wiltshire Council, a Unitary Authority, declared a Climate Emergency yesterday after more than an hour of debate The Executive had initially turned down the proposition of going carbon neutral by 2030, but the motion was eventually passed by 36 to 32 with lots of...


Breaking news: The moment Mendip District Council (Somerset) declared a Climate and Ecological Emergency!!! Thanks so much to Shane Collins all the councillors at Mendip for supporting this motion. The speakers were amazing at addressing insect decline, youth impacts and concerns, climate emergency and also the wider ecological emergency.

Posted by Extinction Rebellion Frome on Monday, 25 February 2019

Mendip District Council

Mendip District Council declared a 'Climate & Ecological Emergency' tonight. We are awaiting confirmation that the following motion was passed unamended. The motion was proposed by Cllr....

Somerset West & Taunton

"Post from Councillor Dave Mansell A motion I proposed to declare a climate emergency was unanimously agreed on 21st February 2019 by the Shadow Full Council for Somerset West and Taunton, which will soon take over as our new district authority. The motion noted the...

Carmarthenshire County Council

Carmarthenshire Council unanimously declares a Climate Emergency! The 2nd in #Wales.. 5000 to sign to get the Assembly Wales to debate the Climate Emergency pls share 🌎🔥https://t.co/5Eb0OA3dnS @foecymrucydd @ExtinctionR @WalesOnline pic.twitter.com/WdLxtedWZz—...


From The Somerset County Council website "Somerset County Council today joined local authorities across the country in declaring a climate emergency. A cross party initiative proposed by Cllr Tessa Munt and seconded by Cabinet Member David Hall at today’s Full Council...

North Somerset District Council

Absolutely delighted that North Somerset Council has unanimously backed our call to target zero carbon by 2030 and declare a climate emergency. Huge thanks to all those members of the public who came to support or wrote to Councillors. — Mike Bell (@ldmikebell)...

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