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A Climate & Environmental Emergency Conference for Councillors, Citizens & Experts, Young & Old, to come together and share ideas, experience, inspiration, information  and actions  from their local areas. Whether your Council has declared a ‘Climate Emergency’ yet or not, we all need to ensure that urgent, effective action is taken. Lots of Workshops & Speakers at Lancaster Town Hall on Friday 29th March 2019. Register Now, even if you can’t come, so that you can follow online and be kept in the loop.

For a Council to have been considered to have called a ‘Climate Emergency’, they must have used these words in a motion or Executive decision, and also have set a target date, or be considering setting one consistent with the IPCC Report of October 2018.. They must also have set up a working group, to report within a short timescale (ideally 6 months) that engages a cross section of the community. We’re seeing Citizen’s Assembly (Lancaster) being set up as part of the process.

A Climate Emergency declaration issued by a body in authority, such as a government or local council, can be a powerful catalyst for community-wide action if paired with a clear action plan.

People expect an emergency announcement when there is a life-threatening situation, and will hesitate to take any action themselves if nobody else appears to be taking the threat seriously. Think of a fire alarm. People might initially think it is just a drill, and will ignore it if everyone else does. But as soon as someone who is considered to be a leader says the fire is indeed real and points out the safest exit to use, everyone will drop what they are doing and evacuate. Read More

Read our Campaign Guide to get your Council to declare a ‘Climate Emergency’. See if there is a petition to sign for your Council here. You can find details of your local Councillor here to ask them for their support. If you haven’t already switched, you can take your money out of fossil fuels by choosing a supplier that offers 100% renewable energy (and you will probably save money too). There are lots of individual actions you can take, such as eating less meat & dairy and travelling by public transport – see this article from the BBC for some ideas.

Climate Emergency Declarations with a target date by 2030


Edinburgh Council has just agreed to declare a Climate Emergency 2030 - action plan coming back to Council in about 12 weeks @ScotlandXr @FoEScot @edinburghpaper #ClimateBreakdown — Cllr Steve Burgess (@SteveAMBurgess) February 7, 2019 Motion on Agenda: By Councillor...

Lancaster City

• Develop Action Plan involving Young People, Universities, Local Businesses and Community
• Citizens’ Assembly
• Labour Party Motion

Leicester City

• Target of 50% reduction by 2025 over 1990
• Already have a Renewable Energy Company
• Executive Decision

Milton Keynes

• Arrange a Climate Emergency Conference in Milton Keynes this year
• Labour Party Motion


• Draw up a Climate Change Action Plan
• Leadership role in promoting community, public & business engagement
• Green Party Motion, amended by Labour


• Staff to prepare report within 6 months
• Energy efficiency, low carbon fuels and investment in renewable energy
• Lib Dem & Labour Motion

Nottingham City

• Electric & Biogas Buses
• Expand Tram Network
• Already have Renewable Energy Company
• Emissions reduced by 39% since 2005
• Labour Party Motion


• Bid for £80,000 to fund a sustainability officer
• Work with partners across Borough & Region
• Call on North Yorkshire Council to declare Climate Emergency
• Green Party Motion

Brighton & Hove

• Short review of current policies
• Climate & Biodiversity Emergency
• Green Party Motion

Forest of Dean

• Fully costed action plan within 6 months
• Green Party Motion

No Target Date

Vale of White Horse

Climate Change Strategy and Carbon Management Plan to be reviewed by Autumn.
Consider early date for carbon neutrality.
Motion proposed by LibDems. Conservative controlled.


Sheffield Climate Action reported that: Last night, Sheffield became the largest council in the UK to declare a Climate Emergency. The vast majority of the council (minus one UKIP councillor) agreed that we are in a ‘Climate Emergency’ and that councillors want to...


• Set up a Climate Change Committee with wide representation including from all party groups to set a new target and action plan for Calderdale to be carbon neutral
• Labour Party motion

Oxford City

• 2017- 2022 Carbon Management Plan to be revised
• “Encourages” establishment of Citizens Assembly
• Green Party Motion (amended)


• Councillor Working Party to Commission Environmental Audit, Consult expert opinion, identify practical measures, encourage action in the wider community.
• Labour Party Motion

Bradford City

• Emissions reduced by 40%
• Commit to challenging the region’s ambition on this agenda
• Green Party Motion (significantly amended)


• Cross party Task & Finish Group to seek advice from experts and set a ‘”challenging date”
• Green Party Motion

Target Date 2038-2050


Devon County Council’s cabinet has recommended that the authority  declare a ‘climate emergency’ and forge ahead with a county-wide partnership to ensure that Devon is carbon neutral by 2050. Read more from the Official news here. Councillor Roger Croad, Devon County...

Greater London

• 60% reduction by 2030
• Local ‘zero emissions’ zones
• Electrification of buses
• All new buildings ‘zero carbon’
• Plans require massive Government Investment