The results of the Council Climate Action Scorecards are available to view online here. We are providing the data that has been used to create this website in spreadsheet format for those who want to look at the results in more detail and anaylse the results in other ways.

The data available in spreadsheet format is identical to the information provided on the website. As an organisation we are committed to keeping the Scorecards results free and accessible for all on our website. Charges apply to access the data available on our website in spreadsheet format.

Creating the Council Climate Action Scorecards takes 9 months, 7 staff and over 200 volunteers. The cost of compiling the Scorecards is almost £100,000 each year. Climate Emergency UK (CE UK) is funded through grants and a small number of individual donations yet this funding is never guaranteed. The fee for accessing this data is one small way to provide greater financial stability to CE UK.

If cost is a barrier to accessing this data, please get in contact at

If you were one of our volunteers who helped created the Action Scorecards and wish to access the complete data, please email us at

Individual Council data: English District and Northern Irish councils: £132

Individual Council data: All other council types: £238

Complete data: non-commercial use: £525

Complete data: commercial use: £1,080