We published the draft methodology for the Council Climate Action Scorecards on the 29th of November. This lays out how we’ll be marking and scoring all UK councils on the actions they’re taking towards net zero. The Council Climate Action Scorecard results will be released in Autumn 2023. 

We will mark and score all UK councils on their climate action against 90 questions in 7 different sections. We created the criteria through extensive research and consultation with council staff, councillors, campaigners and other organisations. 

You can find full details about the draft methodology here.

We wanted to share more about the process and the decisions we’ve made along the way, as well as other information that some may find useful. To find out more about how we created each section and why questions or topics were or were not included, check out our blog series on the draft methodology listed below. We will add links to the blogs as we publish them so you might want to bookmark this page and check back later!

Whilst every effort has been made to make this methodology complete, Climate Emergency UK reserves the right to make changes to the methodology where deemed appropriate between now and Autumn 2023. Changes may be made, for example, if national policy changes between now and Autumn 2023 and this impacts our questions; or if the data needed to answer a particular question is no longer available to use. An updated methodology, identical to the one used in the marking, will be published, if needed, alongside the Council Climate Action Scorecards in Autumn 2023.  

The Council Climate Action Scorecards is a project of Climate Emergency UK, with technical support from mySociety.