We’re excited to be recruiting for the next cohort of volunteers to create the second edition of the Council Climate Action Scorecards. But don’t just take it from us that it’s worth doing, hear what last years’ volunteers thought of the experience!

“I first volunteered as a Scorecard Assessor in 2021 because I wanted to make a valuable contribution to tackling the climate emergency. This volunteering opportunity allowed me to learn more about local climate policy and action, how councils work and the roles they play in achieving net zero emissions. The experience helped me to become a more knowledgeable and effective climate action campaigner.” Jenny, Council Climate Plan & Action Scorecards volunteer from London

“I volunteered as a Scorecard Assessor because I wanted to be part of  what appears to be a fight to change the behaviour of our leaders to enable communities to address climate change in a bigger way that individuals can achieve. I gained a huge amount of knowledge in this process that has given me confidence to speak more convincingly about the climate emergency and nature. The fact that I have been a Scorecard Assessor gives me a better connection with my local council too. The Scorecards have helped us shape our election campaign postcards we are using to encourage candidates in local and national elections to Vote for Climate and Nature.” Sarah Wood, Blackwater Valley Friends of the Earth

“As an active campaigner for the environment I always look to ensure my time spent gives the best bang for buck! Being involved at a national level with Climate Emergency UK gives me that sense of time well spent. The breadth of things that Local Authorities can do to make a difference is staggering and many cost very little to implement. Through volunteering with Climate Emergency UK I also learnt that I am not alone in wanting to hold local authorities to account.” Alan Stockey, Medway

Last year, attendees on the Local Climate Policy Programme on average increased their knowledge on local government climate action by 40% and 95% felt well supported throughout the programme. Some went on to secure jobs with councils on climate action as a result of their knowledge and experience gained as part of the Scorecards process. But volunteering with us is not just about employment. People volunteered with us for a variety of reasons, and a selection of last year’s participants feedback is below. 

“I was pleased to be able to play a small part in helping this valuable work”

It was a very structured course and I learnt a lot of different aspects of environmental issues in quite some detail. It was great to gain an understanding on how councils work – Overall a good learning experience – thank you!

I now know how far behind Wales and Scotland that England is. When English people say it’s not possible I can show them that it’s already happening in parts of the UK. It is possible, but we choose not to do it. 

I found the scoring as well as the sessions extremely helpful, when it comes to understanding the way in which councils operate. I feel more confident to discuss climate action with councils and I know this will be useful for my desired career.

I am already using the information from the Scorecards to try and influence my own council who are inactive.

So go on, be part of our team of 200 volunteers to create the next Council Climate Action Scorecards, find out more and apply here.